Sustainability Coalition

The Corvallis Sustainability Coalition is the flagship organization for sustainability in Corvallis and Benton County. Our mission is to promote an ecologically, socially, and economically healthy city and county. We’re a thriving network of hundreds of partner organizations and individual volunteers. Our diverse partners include businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, local governments, and faith communities.

By fostering communication and collaboration, we’re accelerating progress toward a sustainable future. Our work has built on the accomplishments of the City of Corvallis and other community groups. Participation is free and open to local organizations and individuals who
support our vision, mission, and goals. In 2011, we received the Governor’s Sustainability Award, recognizing our grassroots-led community planning process involving nearly 1,000 community members.

Action teams are the heart of the Sustainability Coalition. Teams are organized around the 12
topic areas outlined in the Community Sustainability Action Plan:

Community Inclusion   •   Economic Vitality   •   Education   •   Energy  •  Food   •   Health & Human Services   •   Housing   •   Land Use  •  Natural Areas   •   Transportation   •   Waste Prevention   •   Water

Climate action is our top priority, and many of our projects and events relate directly to climate mitigation and adaptation strategies outlined in the Corvallis Climate Action Plan.
For more information about the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition and to join in our activities,

City (CAAB)

The Corvallis Climate Action Advisory Board is charged with implementing the “Community” sections of the Corvallis Climate Action Plan. If you live or work in Corvallis, you have an important role to play in helping CAAB do their work! Community engagement in climate action involves an Initiative process that is being done in collaboration with the ICAN Advisory Board.

CAAB is also charged with advising City Council on matters relating to climate change. In July 2018, the Board made the following recommendations to City Council:

  1. Advocate through the City Council’s Legislative Committee for passage of the Clean Energy Jobs Bill during the 2019 Oregon Legislative session.
  2. Direct staff to conduct a Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory every two years, beginning with an inventory in 2019 using 2018 data, assisted by CAAB, as appropriate.
  3. Create, fund, and fill a full-time staff position in the City Manager’s Office, beginning in 2019-20, to coordinate implementation of the “Community” sections of the Corvallis Climate Action Plan.

CAAB’s top priority actions during 2018-19 are:

Energy Conservation, Efficiency, and Renewables: Increase deployment of energy efficiency
improvements (such as weatherization, solar attic vents, daylighting, shading, insulation of foundations, fuel efficient appliances, etc.) in new and existing buildings, as well as onsite renewables for commercial and residential sectors.

Carbon Pricing: Promote policies at the local, state and federal level that implement carbon-based fees or taxes.

Land Use/Development to Reduce Car Dependency: Increase transit-oriented, walkable, node-oriented, mixed-use development that includes housing and services.

Members of this board are appointed by the mayor. Current CAAB members include Charlyn Ellis (chair), Nureen Anisha, Peter Banwarth, Elena Hart, Linda Lovett, Angela McFarland, Asher Miller, Kris Paul, Marge Stevens, and Brandon Trelstad. The City Council Liaison is Bill Glassmire.

To learn more about the Climate Action Advisory Board, please visit their page on the City website at