Food & Beverage Cluster Strategy

This Initiative will create a regional craft food and beverage (F&B) sector strategy focused on growth and assistance for the sector. This initiative seeks to first understand the barriers that many food and beverage businesses in the Corvallis Benton County area face, then create a working plan to overcome those obstacles. We anticipate opportunities in the areas of workforce development, supply chain, creating local connections and the potential for F&B incubators. There is great opportunity to create synergies, and strengthen this component of our local economy. A strong and vibrant food and beverage economy benefits our local businesses, creates opportunities for increased tourism, and strengthens our own local food networks, which is good for resiliency in our area, the environment, and our community.

Sponsor: Corvallis Benton County Economic Development Office

Partners: LBCC Small Business Development Center, The Foundry, and Visit Corvallis